Artefacts is a short story published in the Horus Heresy Series. Artefacts was originally published as part of the limited-release anthology novel Sedition's Gate, and it was later released as a stand-alone e-book. It is now also included in the War Without End anthology novel.


Before the massacre on Isstvan V, the Primarch Vulkan returns to his forge on Nocturne to prepare for war against the Traitors. However, in light of recent conflicts with his wayward brother Konrad Curze, he looks upon his personal armoury with a startling new clarity. If the wrath of the supposedly loyal Night Lords can be unleashed upon their own homeworld in a moment of unchecked rage, is it wise for any Legion to have access to such devastating devices as the Engine of Woes, the Unbound Flame or the Song of Entropy?


  • Artefacts (Short Story) by Nick Kyme
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