Armorial of the Black Consuls.

Arrias Cordos was the first Chapter Master of the Black Consuls Chapter.

A veteran of both the Great Crusade and subsequent dark days of the Horus Heresy, Arrias was a former legionary of the Ultramarines Legion's 72nd Chapter.

He would survive the desperate battles of the Heresy and go on to become the first Chapter Master of the newly created Black Consuls following their inception during the Second Founding.

During one of his Chapter's first campaigns in the early 31st Millennium, Cordos would lead his Chapter to victory in the Orbstar System against the hated Traitor forces of the Word Bearers Traitor Legion during the Cleansing of the Orbstar campaign.

This earned him the accolades of his warriors and the moniker "Bane of Lorgar." Following his death, his Power Axe, Lorgar's Bane, would become a treasured relic of the Black Consuls.


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