An Armiger Helverin of House Terryn armed with twin Armiger Autocannons as its main weapons.

An Armiger Autocannon is a Knight-grade Imperial Autocannon used as the primary weapon of the Armiger Helverin. Wielded in place of the close-ranged armaments of the Armiger Warglaive, each Armiger Helverin bears a pair of these powerful Autocannons.

Capable of firing hundreds of armour-piercing shells per solar minute, even a single such weapon can swiftly whittle down infantry ranks or shred lightly armoured vehicles. With Helverins mounting two of these formidable weapons each, and hunting in packs up to three Knights strong, their withering fusillades can rapidly break an army's flank or blunt the foe's assault well before it can hit home.


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