Valthex - Astral Claws Master of The Forge

Armenneus Valthex "The Alchemancer"

Armenneus Valthex, "The Alchemancer" and Honoured Patriarch of the Forges of the Renegade Chapter of the Astral Claws. During the Badab War Valthex was Chapter Master Lufgt Huron's chief armourer and most loyal servant. A formidable forge-wright and tech-smith, Valthex often fought as a field commander and chief siege engineer. During the final assault on Badab Primaris, it is believed that Valthex is the individual that carried away his fallen Chapter Master's body into the Maelstrom. His current whereabouts are unknown.


Armenneus Valthex was an individual of great importance to the Astral Claws during the Badab War as Lufgt Huron's chief armourer. Valthex's skills as a crafter of poisons and chemical weaponry were as infamous as his abilities as a forge-wright and tech-smith were famed.

During the Badab War, Valthex fought as a field commander and as chief siege engineer, and it was believed that it was he that carried away his fallen Lord's body into the Maelstrom after the apocalyptic final battle for the Palace of Thorns during the final assault on Badab Primaris.

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