The Strike Cruiser Armageddon and two Escorts enter the Warp

The Armageddon is a Strike Cruiser of the Blood Ravens Space Marine Chapter that was utilised during the First Aurelian Crusade in the Aurelian Sub-sector of the Korianis Sector. It embarked from the world of Calderis to battle an invading Ork WAAAGH!, conveying the Space Marine strike force commanded by Sergeant Aramus, the acting Blood Ravens Force Commander of Sub-sector Aurelia.

The vessel made its way to both the Desert World of Typhon Primaris and the sub-sector's capital world of Meridian, to combat both Eldar raiders and a splinter of the Tyranid Hive Fleet Leviathan. During the final epic battle of Typhon Primaris, the Armageddon engaged Tyranid Hive Ships in orbit, while the Blood Ravens on the ground, led by both Sergeant Aramus and Captain Gabriel Angelos, led a daring assault and successfully poisoned the Tyranids' capillary towers on Typhon, destroying the swarm's primary Hive Tyrant and severing the Tyranids' connection to the Hive Mind.

Though ultimately the Armageddon was destroyed by the actions of the Tyranid Hive Ships, and with it many priceless Chapter relics, its sacrifice bought the Blood Ravens forces on Typhon's surface enough time to achieve their mission objective and save that world from the tender mercies of the Great Devourer.


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