An Arioch Power Claw deployed on Warlord-class Battle Titans as a primary close combat weapon.

The Arioch Power Claw, also called the Arioch Power Fist, is a Titan-sized Power Fist that is deployed on Warlord-class Battle Titans to serve as a Titan-grade close combat weapon.

For vehicles as large as Titans, "close combat" is a relative term. Melee combat between these massive walkers essentially starts once the enemy has gotten within the vehicle's defensive Void Shield perimeter.

Accordingly, Titan close combat weapons are often large enough to mount additional secondary ranged weapon systems or are themselves extremely short-ranged directed energy weapons of surpassing power.

Most typically, however, Titan close combat weapons resemble standard close combat weapons used by the infantry of the species that built the titan, but on a stupendous scale and utilising essentially the same technologies.


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