"Scourge and purge!"

— Common Redemptionist battle-cry

The Arch Zealot of the Redemption

The Arch Zealot of the Redemption is one of the most famous and feared of all the fanatical Redemptionist priests of the Imperial Cult to be found on the Hive World of Necromunda.

He is a mystic and a prophet for the Redemptionist cause, leading a solitary, hermit-like existence in the underhive of Necromunda.

He wanders constantly from place to place, preaching to other Redemptionists and whipping them up into a state of intolerant fury which almost invariably ends at the very least in a lynching, and more often than not in wholesale slaughter and genocide.

His views are considered to be rather extreme even by his fellow Redemptor priests, and some say that he should be banished from the Redemptionist cause altogether.

The Arch Zealot denounces all who voice such opinions as weak-willed Traitors to the Emperor, and such is his following amongst the common mass of Redemptionists that those who argue against him either quickly recant or are lynched by an angry mob whipped into a frenzy of blood lust by one of the Arch Zealot's rabble-rousing speeches.

As well as leading blood-maddened crowds whipped into a killing fury from his apocalyptic speeches, the Arch Zealot is known to lead Redemptionist crusades for money provided by the noble Necromundan House Cawdor, the so-called "House of the Redemption," as the Redemptionist cause has attained the status of an official religion on that world.

House Cawdor seeks to spread the Redemptionist creed -- and its own power through the use of this fanaticism -- across all of Necromunda.


In battle, this accomplished swordsman is armed with a massive two-handed chainsword known as an Eviscerator, fitted with a master-crafted Exterminator flame cartridge, to slice and burn the unbelievers. He carries a large canister of promethium upon his back to ensure that the righteous flames of his weapon never run out in the heat of battle.

To protect himself in close-quarters, he is armed with a large Stub Gun and wears Mesh Armour under his voluminous robes to protect him from small projectiles and edged weapons.

He is also armed spiritually, carrying his massive holy tome, the Book of Redemption, as well as his personal banner with the inscription, "Purge with fire."

Those who fight for the Arch Zealot will do so ferociously, unwilling to give ground or be driven back despite the odds stacked against them. His followers draw strength from his inspiring presence and fiery oratory and will only give up the fight upon the say-so of the Arch Zealot himself.


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