A Coronus Grav-Carrier armed with a turret-mounted Arachnus Blaz Cannon.

An Arachnus Blaze Cannon is a powerful relic Laser Weapon utilised exclusively by the Adeptus Custodes since the eras of the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. The weaponry of the Custodians' unique war machines are an expression of the height of the Imperium's technological capabilities. Many could be described as paragon variants of well-established Imperial patterns such as the Arachnus Blaze Cannon. By the time of the Horus Heresy, this particular weapon was a recognisable development of widely-used Imperial las technology, but built with esoteric and powerful components which could never be replicated en masse.

Notable Users

  • Coronus Grav-Carrier - Armed with twin-linked Lastrum Bolt Cannons and a turret-mounted Arachnus Blaze Cannon, the Coronus Grav-carrier is perhaps one of the most recognised vehicles used exclusively by the Adeptus Custodes. Principally used as a transport, the strikingly-designed Adeptus Custodes Coronus Grav-Carrier served as the technological basis for the Pallas and Caladius grav-craft. While its primary function is transporting a unit of warriors into battle, its armaments ensure that it is more than capable of mounting an appropriately aggressive defence.
  • Caladius Annihilator - Based upon the technology of the Coronus Grav-Carrier, the smaller Caladius Grav-Tank was designed to utilise the firepower afforded by the heaviest elements of the Adeptus Custodes' arsenal on a highly mobile, protected platform. Given the fusion of advanced systems and weapons, the Caladius is perhaps the most powerful battleline armoured unit of its size in the Imperium's forces, utilising technologies and materials derived not only from the Dark Age of Technology, but from developments made as a result of the Great Crusade's two centuries of warfare. A particularly powerful variant was the "Caladius Annihilator" which featured an enhanced, capacitor-fed Arachnus Blaze Cannon potent enough to pose a threat even to super-heavy armoured vehicles.



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