An Aquila Strongpoint outfitted with a Macrocannon manned by a regiment of the Astra Militarum.


A Vortex Missile-equipped Aquila Strongpoint defended by the Ultramarines.

An Aquila Strongpoint is a massive fortification, often used as a bastion in Imperial defensive battle lines. Each consists of a munitions silo, topped by a large turret that houses a huge Macrocannon used for artillery bombardments of the enemy line and four emplaced Heavy Bolters for anti-infantry defence.

The munitions silo allows the Aquila Macrocannon to fire special "Quake Shells," each of which measures several Terran feet in length and has a powerful charge that causes the shells to reach hypersonic velocity when the Macrocannon is fired.

One of the most devastating and dreaded weapons in the Imperium's vast armoury is the Vortex Missile. A variant of the Aquila Strongpoint houses seven of the fearsomely destructive warheads and is filled with complex targeting arrays to guide each Vortex Missile to its unfortunate target. When the missile strikes down, a large void is torn in the fabric of space-time, creating a swirling maelstrom of Warp energy that utterly destroys anything that lies within its radius of effect.


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