Apostate Class Heavy Raider

Chaos Apostate-class Heavy Raider

The Apostate-class Heavy Raider is something of a mystery to Imperial captains. As a Heavy Escort, it is anathema to the strategic thinking within the Imperium, but it has been used with great success by leading Chaos Warmasters. In the frontline of battle, it is just as vulnerable to incoming fire as any Escort-sized ship, but employed far out on the flanks in battle, or on its own in raiding expeditions, the Apostate is a fearsome opponent. Based on the Infidel-class Raider hull, the Apostate packs far heavier firepower with its medium ranged turret-mounted Lance, though the power requirements of this weaponry greatly reduces the overall speed of the vessel. Against Imperial shipping, squadrons of these ships have proved to be the ultimate foe, though Escorts protecting vulnerable Imperial convoys have little trouble catching up with the raiders as they leave the target area. Each Apostate represents a large percentage of dedicated resources for an individual band of Renegade pirates and as such each has to be used carefully if they are not to be wasted. In the hands of a master tactician, however, they are positively lethal.


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