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Lieutenant Commander Anton Narvaez was the young commander of the Marines Errant Space Marine Chapter's 4th Company and Captain of the Strike Cruiser Star Jackal at the time of the Badab War. Through unforeseen and tragic circumstances, greatness was thrust upon him by the dark tide of history during the Badab War. In the aftermath of this conflict, he would be the only surviving commander of his Chapter's contingent and serve as the Marines Errant's de facto Chapter Master.


Although a seasoned warrior, Narvaez was young for his rank and considered by some to be an untried leader when he was given command of the Marines Errant 4th Company, which also brought with it the flag-captaincy of the Strike Cruiser Star Jackal. Narvaez would show his mettle as a newly anointed officer during the disastrous ambush of convoy Urdaneta 1-213 by Secessionist forces. The convoy was surrounded and overwhelmed by the Renegade Space Marines from the Astral Claws Chapter and their allies in brutal ship-to-ship combat. Convoy Urdaneta 1-213 was woefully outnumbered and vastly outgunned, and its total seizing or destruction was prevented only by the decisive leadership of Narvaez and the effective tactics he had honed through years of experience battling among unknown stars as part of his Chapter's pact with the Rogue Trader House of Ecale.

Narvaez succeeded in repelling the boarders, allowing the Star Jackal to escape the trap and break free -- the only Loyalist capital ship able to do so. By a twist of fate, the damage sustained in this battle caused the Star Jackal and its brilliant commander to fall behind in the Marine Errant's pursuit of the Mantis Warriors to Bellerophon's Fall. It would be there that many of the Chapter's commanders and senior officers were to die.

After the deadly battle, it fell to Narvaez to mount a rescue mission, in which he succeeded in saving the besieged survivors in a daring counter-raid. In the aftermath of this tragedy, it fell to Narvaez to take the reigns of leadership as the Chapter's last surviving senior officer in the war. Anton Narvaez somehow managed to reform the Marines Errant contingent into an effective fighting force again, although they were a mere shadow of their former strength.


  • Void Hardened Armour
  • Power Sword
  • Bolt Pistol
  • Thundershock - A pre-Imperial artefact, the master-crafted Plasma Gun known as Thundershock was acquired when Narvaez was fighting as a Veteran Sergeant under the banner of Rogue Trader Ecale.
  • The Actinic Halo - Narvaez has a more potent version of the standard Iron Halo. Its Conversion Field is more potent than normal and is capable of providing more protection.
  • Frag Grenades
  • Krak Grenades


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