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Post-Heresy Daemon Head

The Latros Sacrum, Badge of the Word Bearers Traitor Legion

Ankh-Heloth was a Dark Apostle of the Word Bearers Traitor Legion and commander of its 11th Host.

Ankh-Heloth rose to the high rank of Dark Apostle within the Legion under dubious circumstances. While it was the Dark Council of Sicarus that had instated Ankh-Heloth as the first acolyte of the 11th Host, this was only at Grand Apostle Ekodas' insistence.

Less than a solar decade later Ankh-Heloth had ascended to the position of Dark Apostle after his predecessor was killed under circumstances engineered, many believed, by Ekodas.

Ankh-Heloth did not garner much respect from his fellow Dark Apostles, many of whom regarded him as little more than "Ekodas' whipping boy."


Ankh-Heloth was described as a severe-looking warrior with a cruelly barbed, black metal Star of Chaos hammered into his forehead.

Dark Apostle Ankh-Heloth's flesh was a living canvas upon which he had performed his grisly, sacred arts. He bore numerous cuts and welts, the angry disfigurements evidence of constant ritual flagellation.

Ankh-Heloth more than likely rubbed poisonous balms and liniments into his self-inflicted cuts in order to hamper the regenerative qualities of his Astartes physiology, for many of his wounds were always open and raw.

Such practices were not uncommon within the fanatical Word Bearers Legion.


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