The Angels Apocrypha were a warband of Chaos Space Marines of unknown origin or Founding. Little else is known about this particular warband in official Imperial records. Recently, they took part in the Cholercaust Blood Crusade in the 41st Millennium.


Notable Campaigns

  • Cholercaust Blood Crusade (Unknown Date.M41) - The Angels Apocrypha joined the massive Khornate force known as the Cholercaust which followed the path of the Keeler Comet and brought war and ruin to the worlds in its path. The Cholercaust Blood Crusade was finally stopped by a small coalition of Imperial forces on the Cemetery World of Certus-Minor. The Angels Apocrypha and other Traitor Marines took to the field under the command of Chaos Lord Umbragg of the World Eaters and participated in the final attack on Obsequa City. The Cholercaust suffered a total defeat and all in its ranks were slain, including the Angels Apocrypha, by the mysterious Legion of the Damned.

Chapter Appearance

The Angels Apocrypha all possess exceedingly pale skin and are nearly identical to each other in physical appearance. In battle they have displayed the ability to move at superhuman speed that is unusual even for Heretic Astartes. They are afflicted with a great thirst for blood, which leaves their Power Armour continuously covered in crimson filth.

Chapter Colours

The Angels Apocrypha warband's colours are not currently recorded in Imperial records.

Chapter Badge

The Angels Apocrypha warband's badge is not currently recorded in Imperial records.


  • The Legion of the Damned (Novel) by Rob Sanders, Ch. 18
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