Adeptus mecanics

Icon of the ancient Mechanicum

The Anbaric Claw was a defensive system mounted on war machines used by the Mechanicum of Mars' Anbaric Order, and was also incorporated into the vehicles of some Space Marine Legions that maintained technical ties to the great Forge World cluster of the Anvilus System and its masters. The Anbaric Claw worked by generating a massive-pulse shock of electromagnetic force through the vehicle's hull by way of a battery of electro-chem capacitors.

The electromagnetic force generated was able to incinerate nearby organic creatures as well as disrupting, burning out, or completely destroying an enemy war machine's electronic components. Anbaric Claw defensive systems were commonly equipped on Mechanicum Land Raiders, although the full extent of their use is unknown.

It is also unknown if the Adeptus Mechanicus is able to produce Anbaric Claw technology in the late 41st Millennium or if the technology has been lost to the Imperium like so much else from the Great Crusade era.


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