An'Ggrath the Unbound & host

Ang'garath leading a Daemon host

An'ggrath the Unbound, also known as the Guardian of the Throne of Skulls, Most Favoured of Khorne, Lord of Bloodthirsters and the Deathbringer , is a Greater Daemon of Khorne, known as a Bloodthirster.


An'ggarath the Unbound, the mightiest of Bloodthirsters, is the most favoured of Khorne. In the pantheon of the Blood God's servants, Ang'garath stands next to the Skull Throne at Khorne's right hand. Amongst the ranks of Khorne's daemonic followers Ang'garath is perhaps the greatest and most revered, created by his patron god to be the ultimate expression of murder and violence, extolling Khorne's blood creed across the width and breadth of the galaxy. No-one can stand before him and hope to live. Ang'garath has been Khorne's most favoured since Tzeentch inspired Khorne's then favoured slaughterer, the Bloodthirster known as Skarbrand to strike at his own master. Skarbrand was cast out from Khorne's realm and exiled for all eternity, and An'ggarath was raised up as Khorne's favoured son having replaced the old in their lord's affections. Though the two Bloodthirsters are eternal foes, Khorne has decreed that the two can never meet, for their value as slaughterers is too great to be wasted upon each other.

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