Allewis LXXXIII is the prince-prefect of the Fortress World of Karlack in the Jericho Reach.

Originally, Prince Allewis LXXXIII (83rd) ruled Karlack when the Achilus Crusade first made contact. The Imperium was quick to praise him for his preservation of tradition and the Emperor's Creed.

He in turn was quick to support the re-assimilation of Karlack into the Imperium, and the re-introduction of the many wondrous technologies the people had forgotten.

No one benefitted more from these marvels than the prince himself. The crusade bestowed upon him the additional title of Imperial prefect, and has made sure he lives in safety and comfort.

He now occupies a suite on one of the Citadel Primaris' highest levels, sound-proofed against the clamour of armies and vehicles outside.

Allewis is a shrewd politician who kept his planet in line with strong public demonstrations of force before the Imperium's arrival. His primary function now, beyond serving as a figurehead, is to advise Lord General Castus Iacton on his people's culture.

Although he has been able to take a far less active role in the ruling of Karlack since the crusade arrived, his political instincts remain unchanged.

He understands that he stands in a precarious situation -- dependent upon the crusade to maintain his station, and yet in competition with them for influence over the planet and its resources.

His best asset in this power struggle is to grow his allies on and off-planet. He is always quick to invite important visitors for an audience, and Space Marines are no exception.


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