Lieutenant Commander Alaxis McKale is an officer of the Imperial Navy who is stationed on the Fortress World of Pyrathas and acts as the de facto commander of the Imperial fleet stationed there.


McKale is in command of the warships permanently stationed in the Jericho Reach's Pyrathas System, and she reports to Captain Sylas Skor.

In practice, this fleet consists of the Misadventure -- an Endeavour-class Light Cruiser -- plus a picket force of half a dozen Cobra-class Destroyers retrofitted with long range augur arrays, and a dozen inter-system defence monitors.

Although technically these forces fall under the command of Captain Skor, his constant preoccupation with the on-planet base means that more and more of the responsibility for commanding the flotilla has fallen on McKale.

Thus far McKale has borne the responsibility well, although she is still unsure of herself when it comes to what is effectively a squadron command. For that reason, she almost always defers to Skor when the senior officer makes his opinions known.


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