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Alaric Prime is an ancient and hidebound Knight World of toiling peasants and haughty Nobles, located in the Sanctus Reach on the edges of the Segmentum Obscurus.

It is covered mostly in sulphurous seas, viscous chemical tides and currents devoid of all but the hardiest of lifeforms. Dotted across the burning acidic oceans, the planet is made up of islands strung together in hemisphere-spanning chains or standing alone thousands of Terran miles from the nearest foreign shore.

Unlike many Knight Worlds, Alaric Prime boasts numerous Knightly Houses, each masters of a different region of the planet. Technology is limited on Alaric Prime as the result of ancient law, and most souls live simple lives of hard labour, scratching at the ground with tools of wood and iron.

No law upon Alaric Prime has ever been repealed. It is illegal to yawn during daylight hours, illegal to talk when a Noble is speaking in earshot, even illegal to point at the stars in the night sky.

So numerous and restrictive are the archaic laws of Alaric Prime that a full two-thirds of the planet's populace has been incarcerated or exiled by the over-zealous justicars attached to each Knightly house.

At the centre of the biggest land mass is Sacred Mountain, a blessed peak that rises from the heart of Alaric Prime's largest island. Beneath the mountain there is rumoured to be a vault of archeotech and other lost lore, over which the notable Freeblade known as Gerantius the Forgotten Knight stands guard.

Ancient and mysterious, Gerantius has defended the vault, and the world of Alaric Prime, since time immemorial. Whenever the planet is threatened the Forgotten Knight will rise from his tomb, and march upon the enemies of Alaric.


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