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An assortment of Harlequin Agaith

An Agaith, which means "false face" in the Aeldari Lexicon, is one of the iconic masks worn by the enigmatic Aeldari Harlequins. These small holographic devices project daemonic visages and scenes of death onto the mask and has a short-range psychic amplifier which increases enemies' sensitivity to fear and despair.

Other versions of the Agaith include the Rictus Mask worn by Death Jesters, which projects an aura of death in the general vicinity of the wearer, or the Dread Mask, which senses an enemy's worst fears and displays them on the mask, and uses a more potent psychic amplifier like the ones used on the Mask of Fear.

In battle, a Harlequin's mask projects terrifying images of his victims' worst nightmares. Physically, however, the mask will usually be crafted in the likeness of whichever character the Harlequin is playing. Different roles are indicated by all manner of flourishes, be they opposing halves of black and white, such as in the case of the Dawnsinger or the Blinded Princess, patches of checks or diamonds like those displayed by the leering Scion of Cults, or soft gradients and subtle strokes, like the stylised tear of Isha's Sorrow.

Most Harlequin masks project whatever appearance the wearer wishes, yet a Shadowseer's mask shows only a twisted reflection of those who stare into its depths.

Unlike their fellow Players, Troupe Masters wear grotesque masks that mock the sinister, ugly face of war. Their ever-shifting features flicker between nightmarish horror and leering, sardonic humour at the mortal plight of their foes.

The Solitaire's mask is cruel and unsettling, reflecting the exaggerated androgynous features of the Chaos God Slaanesh in all their daemonic grandeur.


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