After Desh'ea is an anthology short story published in The Horus Heresy series that was originally part of an anthology novel. After Desh'ea was first published as part of the Tales of Heresy main series anthology in April 2009. The cover image used is that of the unabridged audiobook version After Desh'ea which was released in November 2015.


With the discovery of the lost Primarch Angron came violence and confusion, and what should have been the defining moment of the War Hounds Legion instead became a humbling embarrassment. As their senior officers fall one by one to the rage of the newly freed gladiator-king, it seems that they are doomed -- perhaps their last chance for redemption comes in the form of the Eighth Captain, Khârn. Will this calm and level-headed warrior be able to lead his father into the Emperor's light, or will he join the rest of his Legion in death?


  • After Desh'ea (Short Story) by Matthew Farrer
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