Adharon's Reavers Warband Colour Scheme

Adharon's Reavers are a vicious warband of Chaos Space Marines who were once largely members of the Sons of Guilliman Chapter of Space Marines.

Warband History

Adharon's Reavers are a warband of Heretic Astartes who operate as a small Renegade corsair group under the former Sons of Guilliman Captain Adharon.

This particular Chaos Space Marine warband was first identified by the forces of the Imperium of Man during the Siege of Vraks in 813.M41 when they participated in the defence of that world from an Imperial invasion.

Notable Campaigns

  • Kynbaex Genocides (709.M41) - Adharon's Reavers instigates a series of bloody uprisings and mutinies across a dozen worlds of the Kynbaex Nebula in an effort to topple the already tenuous and overstretched Imperial presence in the region. Unknown to Adheron, however, the celebrated Rogue Trader Joff Zuckerman and his arch-militant Thor Malkin, later Inquisitor Malkin, are present in the region forging trade routes to outlying systems. Zuckerman responds by ordering an immediate and bloody reprisal, crushing the uprisings with his own fleet and ground forces, led by Thor Malkin, in what became known as the Kynbaex Genocides. Adharon's Reavers are believed to have fled the region rather than face such a massive reprisal and do not appear again in mandated Imperial histories until their involvement in the Siege of Vraks over a standard century later.

Notable Adharon's Reavers

  • Adharon - A former Space Marine Captain of the Sons of Guilliman Chapter, Adharon was corrupted by Chaos and gathered a warband of like-minded corrupted Astartes around himself from his former company to raid and pillage the commerce of the Imperium of Man in the name of the Dark Gods. The Siege of Vraks represented the first time that Adharon's Reavers had operated in concert with other Chaos Space Marine forces.

Warband Appearance

Warband Colours

Adharon's Reavers paint their cursed power armour in a dark blue colour with silver trim on the shoulder plates.

Warband Badge

Adharon's Reavers Chapter Badge is a silver skull superimposed on an eight-pointed Chaos Star on a blue background.


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