The twin-linked Accelerator Cannons that served as the primary armament of the Fellblade super-heavy tank.

The Accelerator Cannon, also known as the Fellblade Cannon, was an Imperial ballistic cannon used in twin-linked form as the primary armament of the Fellblade super-heavy tank.

Developed by the Forge World of Tigrus, the Accelerator Cannon was capable of using both high-density, armour-piercing shells for use against enemy armoured vehicles and high-explosive fragmentation shells that were highly effective against enemy infantry.

Both types of shell were directed to their target by a Logis engine slaved to the Space Marine tank commander's strategium terminal within the Fellblade. This system allowed the commander to target dozens of targets at once, switching between the tank's different shell types at will.

The Accelerator Cannon used a special vacuum-based overpressure mechanism to propel its heavy shells with greater acceleration than a conventional cannon of similar calibre. This system was highly efficient and resulted in low recoil, which made the Accelerator Cannon an unusually stable and accurate firing platform.

The loading mechanism of the Accelerator Cannon was also of a special type that allowed the Fellblade commander to switch between the two major ammunition types easily and with little notice.


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