The twin-linked Herekles Pattern Accelerator Autocannon deployed atop the Sicaran Battle Tank.

An Accelerator Autocannon is a type of heavy Imperial Autocannon. These rapid-fire weapons unleash shells at a much higher velocity than a standard Autocannon, enabling it to successfully engage moving targets and strike with pinpoint accuracy.

Twin-linked Herekles Pattern Accelerator Autocannons are mounted atop the Sicaran Battle Tank as its main turret armament.

A smaller, man-portable version of the Accelerator Autocannon is also used by Space Marine Suppressor Squads.

Suppressors of the Ultramarines Chapter armed with Accelerator Autocannons and wearing Mark X Omnis Power Armour.

Though lightweight enough to be borne across the battlefield in powered leaps and even fired mid-jump by more experienced Suppressors, these potent weapons hammer foot-long, armour-piercing shells into the enemy at a ferocious rate.

Enemy infantry are forced to dive for cover, their advance grinding to a halt lest they be blasted limb-from-limb.

Even armoured fighting vehicles are swiftly wrecked as the concentrated hail of shots blows out motive systems, fills crew compartments with lethal shrapnel and touches off fuel and ammunition in catastrophic detonations.


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