Accatran is a major Forge World located in the Ultima Segmentum. Situated on the edge of the Ork Empire of Charadon, Accatran is the homeworld of the Adeptus Titanicus' Legio Destructor ("Beasts of Steel"). Accatran is known to produce its own patterns of weapons utilised by the forces of the Imperial Guard, especially the regiments of the Elysian Drop Troops, which includes: Laspistols, Lasguns, Shotguns, Grenade Launchers, Plasma Weapons and Meltaguns. With its natural resources and atmosphere all but gone, the planet has been rendered inhospitable to all except Space Marines and the Mechanicus locals, who use cybernetic enhancements to survive the deadly environment. Little else is known of this Mechanicus Forge World in official Imperial records.


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