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— Looping wide-band vox broadcast transmitted from Abominatus, Legio Magna

Abominatus, the "Despoiler of Worlds," Chaos Imperator-class Titan of the Legio Magna.

Abominatus, known as the "Despoiler of Worlds," is a hellish union of a Chaos-corrupted Imperator-class Titan of the Legio Magna and a Greater Daemon of Khorne. Abominatus has fought in many blood-soaked campaigns throughout the known galaxy.

This notorious and formidable Chaos Battle Titan's current whereabouts are unknown, though it is highly unlikely such a vile creation would die quietly or go unheralded by its bloody-handed Khornate kin.


Abominatus is one of the most terrifying of all the servants of the Blood God. When it walks the ground shakes beneath its steel-shod feet and the enemies of the Blood God quail in fear.

This Chaos Titan wields fire and steel against its foes, with flames and gun smoke flickering from each casement and embrasure in its massive body, its soul burns with the unquenchable fire of a Daemon's hate.

Abominatus carries a veritable arsenal of weapons built onto its body. Its main armament, the Hellstorm Cannon and Plasma Annihilator, along with its main battery function in an identical fashion to its Imperial counterpart. However the weapons on its main fighting platform are quite different.

This Chaos-possessed Titan also has a Scorpion Cannon, a lethal, multi-barrelled weapon used for close assaults that is normally mounted on Daemon Engines of Khorne.

It possesses Manglers, huge battle claws which can sweep aside battle tanks and flay enemy Titans to twisted metal. As Abominatus is part Daemon and part machine, this makes it particularly resistant to psychic attack as well.


Secondary Weapons

Secondary weapons stud the outer carapace of the "Despoiler of Worlds." Rapid Fire Cannons jut form casements and barbettes, Lascannons swivel in turrets and on platforms. As Abominatus strides into battle its silhouette is lit with the myriad flashes of its secondary weapons spewing death at the enemy. Its secondary weapons include the following:


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