"Never take a gamble you’re not prepared to lose."

—Abdul Goldberg

Abdul Goldberg is an Imperial Rogue Trader infamous for his treacherous and double-dealing behaviour.


He's known to have won another captain's ship in a rigged poker game, and it is suspected that he spiked his opponent's drink. The enraged captain and his crew, who had been evicted from their ship along with their belongings, tried to retake it by force before Abdul and his own men sailed off on it. The result of this clash is unknown.

In another occasion, he agreed to provide a getaway ship for a fleeing band of thieves of unclear motivations, but when these reached the spaceport with the local authorities on their tails, Abdul was nowhere to be found. This forced the fugitives to try and hijack another ship that was being refuelled there.

He is also known to have captured or facilitated some criminals' capture to later engineer their escape from high-security jails, in order to follow them to their secret hideouts and find out where they hid their loot to steal it.

All these dirty maneuvers have earned Abdul many a sworn enemy, and have made him face ambushes and attacks on isolated planets that lie far from the Imperium's grasp.


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