"Never take a gamble you're not prepared to lose."

—Abdul Goldberg

Icon of Imperial Rogue Traders

Abdul Goldberg is an Imperial Rogue Trader infamous for his treacherous and double-dealing behaviour across the galaxy.


Goldberg is known to have won another captain's starship in a rigged poker game, in which he spiked his opponent's drink. The enraged captain and his crew, who had been evicted from their vessel along with their belongings after the game, tried to retake it by force before Abdul and his own men fled aboard it. The final outcome of the clash is unknown.

On another occasion, Goldberg agreed to provide a getaway ship for a fleeing band of thieves of unclear motivations, but when these reached the spaceport with the local authorities on their tails, Abdul was nowhere to be found. This forced the fugitives to try and hijack another ship present there that was in the process of being refuelled.

Goldberg facilitated certain Imperial criminals' capture to later engineer their escape from high-security jails, in order to follow them to their secret hideouts so that he could locate their ill-gotten gains and steal them.

These exploits have understandably earned Goldberg many enemies, and he is under constant threat from vengeful ambushes and raids against his forces when he is out on the Imperial frontier far from the Emperor's light.


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