The Space Marines, though few in number, stand as the greatest defenders of the Imperium of Man.

The 9th Founding of Space Marine Chapters occurred at an unknown date sometime between the mid-34th and mid-35th Millenniums.

Only a single Chapter is currently known to have been raised in this Founding. This is the Angels Resplendent, who later renamed themselves the Angels Penitent.

Select 9th Founding Chapters

  • Angels Resplendent - The Angels Resplendent are a Successor Chapter of the Blood Angels whose fortress-monastery of Kanvolis was established on the world of Malpertuis. Alone amongst the scions of Sanguinius, this Chapter had been entirely free of the madness that haunted the Angel's bloodline. No Space Marine in the red and gold had ever succumbed to the Black Rage. Recently, the arrival of a strange mortal known as the "Undying Martyr" led to the Chapter's conversion to a fanatically puritanical variant of the Imperial Creed. The Angels Resplendent renamed themselves the Angels Penitent, banned the production of all forms of art, and have dedicated themselves to the elimination of all sin and the castigation of all sinners, whether they be mortal or Astartes.


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