The 88th Kappic Phoenixes are an elite Tempestus Scions regiment of the Militarum Tempestus. The 88th participated in the Imperial raid on the Kroot world of Jach. Little else is known about them in Imperial records.

Regimental History

  • The Great Cull of Jach (999.M41) - As the Damocles War escalates further, the battle analysts of the Ordo Xenos conclude that the T'au Empire relies heavily on auxiliaries. The vast majority of these in the Damocles Gulf hail from the Jungle World of Jach. The Ordo's research determines that the Kroot are able to evolve at an extreme rate by selectively feeding on the bodies of their enemies and assimilating those genetic quirks their tribal elders deem desirable. Seeking to tip the balance in the Damocles War by whatever means necessary, the venerable Inquisitor Lord Heiss-Alumin makes transition through the Warp for Jach without delay. Eight regiments of Scions requisitioned from the Ordo Tempestus accompany him. Making planetfall via Grav-Chute, the Tempestus regiments split up into separate task forces. Their orders are to locate and exterminate the leader caste of the Kroot wherever they are found. So begins a gruelling jungle hunt, the high technology and stoic discipline of the Scions ranged against the savagery and feral cunning of the Kroot tribes. Unfortunately the Inquisitor has greatly underestimated not only the resolve of his quarry, but the technology with which they are equipped. Each jungle tribe's Shaper is guarded not only by a cadre of experienced Kroot snipers, but also a delegation of the T'au Fire Caste and swarms of accompanying drones. The Scions quickly find themselves outgunned and out-manoeuvred by Tau Battlesuits and swift-moving Kroot, and only the 88th Kappic Phoenixes make it off-planet once the withdrawal is ordered. Though the Kroot Shapers dine well on the Imperial strike force and learn much from Heiss-Alumin's superior brain, the Phoenixes learn a great deal about the foe in return. Before the solar month is out, a new anti-Kroot doctrine is relayed to the Imperial armies in the Damocles Gulf.

Regimental Appearance

Regimental Colours

The regimental colours of the 88th Kappic Phoenixes are not listed in current Imperial records.

Regimental Badge

The regimental symbol of the 88th Kappic Phoenixes is not listed in current Imperial records.


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