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The 85th Vendoland is an Astra Militarum regiment raised from the world of Vendoland. They were present during the events surrounding the invasion of a Tyranid splinter Hive Fleet and an insidious incursion by the Forces of Chaos, who aimed to destroying the Blood Ravens Space Marine Chapter.

This regiment is based on the sub-sector's capital Hive World of Meridian, where they often have to put down food riots. The 85th Vendoland is never seen deploying tanks in support of its units, but the men of the regiment are hardy and the 85th has many Storm Trooper companies, who assisted the Space Marines during the battles at Angel Gate and Typhon.

The 85th Vendoland emphasizes use of the bayonet in close-quarters fighting, and the troops of this Regiment are equipped in much the same ways as Regiments of the Cadian Shock Troops.

Notable Engagements

During the Tyranid invasion of Sub-Sector Aurelia, the 85th Vendoland battled the attacking Tyranids across the planet of Meridian, most notably at Angel Forge, where the power for the Angel Gate failed and the Imperial Guard forces were overrun by oncoming Tyranids, though they were saved by the timely arrival of the Blood Ravens, and they were able to close the Angel Gate.

Later, at the climax of the invasion, the 85th Vendoland assisted the Blood Ravens in holding the line on Typhon, until Captain Gabriel Angelos arrived with substantial reinforcements. Later, the 85th Vendoland succeeded in combating the Chaos Space Marines of the Black Legion with the help of the Blood Ravens Space Marines on Aurelia, and was able to retake Spire Legis on Meridian from the Forces of Chaos after the Blood Ravens weakened the Chaotic forces' interior defences.

Notable Members of the 85th Vendoland Regiment

  • Sergeant Merrick - Sergeant Merrick who lead the 85th Vendoland forces that defend the Angel Gate and aided the Blood Ravens in holding Typhon. He would also assist the Blood Ravens in attacking the Black Legion stronghold on planet Aurelia. Ten years after, while attached to the 8th Cadian, Merrick would aid Lord General Castor and Inquisitor Adrastia in uncovering the truth about the Blood Ravens Chapter Master Azariah Kyras.
  • Commissar Tharp - Commissar attached to the 85th Vendoland. When the generators powering the Angel Gate, on the planet Meridian, were disabled while under attack from Tyranids, Commissar Tharp rallied the Guardsmen in a vain attempt to stave off the Tyranid swarm. Even when endless broods of Hormagaunts buried him in their mass, the report of his Bolt Pistol could still be heard.


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