62nd Rhoin Cobras

Colour Scheme of the 62nd Rhoin Cobras

The 62nd Rhoin Cobras is an elite and renowned Tempestus Scions regiment of the Ordo Tempestus that hails from the Jungle World of Skell II.

Regimental History

Though they generally practice an emotionless resolve in battle, it is said that the Scions of the 62nd Rhoin Cobras have a particular detestation for any of the foul forces in the galaxy that utilise sorcery. When a warband of Thousand Sons came to attack their former Schola Progenium facilities on the jungle-covered world of Skell II, the Scions of the 62nd Rhoin Cobras came to the planet's aid. The entire 190-strong regiment of the 62nd Rhoin Cobras had been stationed on the orbital space station, engaged in training and monoscope debriefing from a recent mission, when reports came of the crisis. Their ships descended to landing platforms within the nearby jungle, and Taurox Primes rolled out to meet the onslaught of the Rubric Marines.

The Scions reached the fortifications of the Schola Progenium in time to see clouds of swirling sorcery above it. Activating a series of munitions, they blasted their way in, and poured into the corridors. Traitors battled against Scions in the darkness. The confines were lit up with muzzle flashes and the red streaks of hot-shot weaponry. The Sorcerer's magic disrupted all vox-communication and the Militarum Tempestus' slate monitrons. Tempestor Prime Vallarix Thetus' knowledge of the ancient facilities remained robust even after many years. From his memory of the passageways and by signing orders to his men, Thetus coordinated an overwhelming strike by his Scions upon the Sorcerer. The fiend finally vanished in a cloud of foul smoke. Half the 62nd Rhoin Cobras had died during the fighting, but thanks to Thetus, all the Schola's future Scions had been saved.

Regimental Appearance

Regimental Colours

The Tempestus Scions of the 62nd Rhoin Cobras primarily wear dark green-coloured fatigues, with jade green-coloured Carapace Armour with silver-coloured trim, as well as jade green-coloured knee guards, Slate Monitron and Omnishield Helms. As optional headgear, sometimes these Scions will wear a black-coloured beret in lieu of their helms, when not on the battlefield.

Regimental Badge

The 62nd Rhoin Cobras bear the regimental symbol known as the Serpentia Vigilant. Rumours abound that some latent wording property is associated with this icon, for the regiment's disdain of pysker witchery is well documented. Whether there is any truth to this claim, however, seems unlikely.


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