The 47th Thetoid Dragons were an elite Tempestus Scions regiment of the Militarum Tempestus.

They were slain to the last man on a Crone World in the Eye of Terror after a mission to assault the Aeldari on the world of New Starhaven went drastically wrong.

Regimental History

  • The Lost Patrol (853.M41) - When an Aeldari raid is repelled at great cost on the recently settled world of New Starhaven, the Tempestus Scions 47th Thetoid Dragons Regiment, having successfully engaged the Aeldari command structure and survived, are given new orders to prosecute. Whilst the Officio Prefectus assesses the devastated planet's orphans for new recruits, the Dragons pass through the rune-inscribed dolmens that have been uncovered behind the Lemuelian Falls. On the other side they find a series of shimmering tunnels that never seem to end. Several harrowing solar days of full-alert march slide past, but the Scions proceed apace. They are finally forced to slow their march when they are assailed by capering Aeldari in multicoloured costume, who bewilder them with holographic and hallucinogenic assaults before dancing in close to deal lethal blows. Eventually the Harlequins that have been tormenting the intruding Scions are forced to turn their attention to unknown events elsewhere, and lead the humourless humans in a running battle towards a rune-inscribed portal that opens out onto the surface of the planet Exsanguille. The Scions plunge through the gate, only to find themselves stranded upon a blood-covered Crone World in the heart of the Eye of Terror. To their credit, the Dragons survive for a full two solar days before succumbing to the daemonic legions of Khorne that prowl that world.

Regimental Appearance

Regimental Colours

The regimental colours of the 47th Thetoid Dragons are not listed in current Imperial records.

Regimental Badge

The regimental symbol of the 47th Thetoid Dragons is not listed in current Imperial records.


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