The 43rd Iotan Dragons are an elite Tempestus Scions regiment of the Ordo Tempestus that are known for their extreme training methods and abilities to fight whilst virtually blind in the harshest of environments and against the vilest of foes.

Regimental History

Colour Scheme of the 43rd Iotan Dragons

The training regime of the 43rd Iotan Dragons is famous for simulating fights within darkened cave labyrinths, allowing the Scions to further develop the ability to fight blind.

This has enabled them to fight more effectively against foes that rely upon more stealthy and insidious methods of warfare.

Though they have proven their capabilities against all manner of xenos foes, from Drukhari to T'au, the 43rd Iotan Dragons have become specialists within the Militarum Tempestus for fighting against Tyranid outlier organisms.

Indeed, the Scions' training has made them exemplary warriors against this most horrendous and insidious of foes.

Notable Campaigns

  • Orbital Strike of Mondrax III (Unknown Date.M41) - The 43rd Iotan Dragons first displayed their skills upon the colossal space station situated above the Shrine World of Mondrax III. Lictors and Genestealers had caused carnage among the Imperial crew of the station, and limbs and offal trailed for kilometres around the structure by the time the Militarum Tempestus arrived. lt was feared a disaster was imminent, for a similar superstructure had been overrun by Tyranids over Mondrax II, only for the station to crash into the planet, the resulting explosion killing billions. The Scions of the 43rd Iotan Dragons spent several weeks aboard Mondrax III's station, patiently hunting Tyranids with its dark confines, lighting up the corridors with their hot-shot lasguns and flamers, searing xenos carapaces and outstretched claws until every last Tyranid had vanished from their Tempestor Prime's slate monitron.

Regimental Appearance

Regimental Colours

The Tempestus Scions of the 43rd Iotan Dragons primarily wear black-coloured fatigues with dark gray-coloured Carapace Armour with silver-coloured trim, as well as dark gray-coloured knee guards and Slate Monitron. Their Omnishield Helms are coloured crimson.

Regimental Badge

43rd Iotan Dragons display the tri-scale upon their wargear. The symbol represents unyielding defence against the monstrous foes, and is replicated in a five hundred foot wide adamantium mural on the floor of the regimental barracks-hall.


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