The 3rd Founding of the Space Marines occurred during the first year of the 32nd Millennium, 001.M32. This Founding included two Successor Chapters created from the gene-seed of the Imperial Fists and the Blood Angels, respectively. The Executioners are scions of the proud line of the Imperial Fists. Founded under the command of Fafnir Rann, reputedly the most vicious of Primarch Rogal Dorn's later Captains, they were created for the sole task of seeking out and slaughtering Mankind's foes rather than undertaking a more defensive or strategic purpose.

The Flesh Eaters are an infamous Successor Chapter of the Blood Angels that were also created during the 3rd Founding. This ruthless Chapter's unsavoury reputation is infamous across the Imperium of Man, as are the bloody deeds purported to have been enacted by its Battle-Brothers upon the fields of battle. It has been rumoured that the Flesh Eaters have been fatally undone by the mutations within their gene-seed. But what exactly this means is merely conjecture at this point. There have also been persistent rumours that the Chapter suffered from some sort of internal conflict arising from heresy and treachery where an untold number of the Chapter's Astartes succumbed to the dark lure of Chaos, particularly the corruption of the Blood God Khorne. The veracity of these claims cannot be verified, due to the secrecy and seclusion of the Flesh Eaters that have made any investigations by other Imperial authorities futile.

Select 3rd Founding Chapters

Chapter Progenitor Chapter Legion Number
Executioners Imperial Fists VII
Flesh Eaters Blood Angels IX


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