The 34th Betic Centaurs are an elite Tempestus Scions regiment of the Ordo Tempestus that hail from the brutally harsh Death World of Makron V, which is frequently raided by the Forces of Chaos. As a result, this world produces some of the hardiest and most battle-hardened warriors within the ranks of the Ordo Tempestus.

Regimental History

34th Betic Centaurs

Colour Scheme of the 34th Betic Centaurs

The Scions of the 34th Betic Centaurs hail from the volcanic Death World of Makron V. The planet is situated in a sub-sector frequently assaulted by various piratical factions of Chaos Space Marines.

The Militarum Tempestus training grounds are based alongside their old Schola Progenium facilities in order to protect the future progena from the sheer number of incursions -- although some of these battles provide ample training opportunities for the future Scions. Such a brutal planet breeds particularly hardened warriors, and the Betic Centaurs have endured some of the worst fighting in the sub-sector.

Notable Campaigns

  • Vellix Wars (Unknown Date) - The 34th Betic Centaurs became famous during the Vellix Wars. On Valiar III, one of the most populous Imperial worlds in the system, a Lord of Skulls led a great wave of havoc which swept across the planet, including numerous Daemons and war machines. The behemoth had ground up thousands of souls under its tracks, and reduced whole hab-blocks to rubble. The small Astra Militarum regiment on the world had all but been wiped out, and so a vast contingent of the 34th Betic Centaurs was sent in to destroy the Chaos war machines. The Scions made planetfall behind one of the most robust fortifications on the planet as it was about to be besieged by the monstrous Daemon Engine. In stealth, the Scions awaited the Lord of Skulls' arrival and, when it finally burst behind the Imperial lines, they assaulted with a ferocious array of hot-shot weaponry, melta charges and munitions. The Daemon Engine roared its defiance, slaying scores of Scions in a wrathful counter-attack. The Tempestus soldiers' incessant and precise firepower, along with a barrage of grenades, eventually saw the Lord of Skulls reduced to a heap of smouldering slag.

Regimental Appearance

Regimental Colours

The Tempestus Scions of the 34th Betic Centaurs primarily wear terracotta red-coloured fatigues with black-coloured Carapace Armour with brass-coloured trim, as well as black-coloured knee guards, Slate Monitron, and Omnishield Helm.

Regimental Badge

The 34th Betic Centaurs bear the the Bilinear Sash upon their armour. An ancient symbol, the sash is a representation of the symbiosis between Makron V's Tempestus training grounds -- the terracotta red -- and the Schola Progenium -- the clear white. It is common among the ranks of the 34th for this symbol to run vertically down the faceplate of the Scions' omnishield helms, a clear signifier of their allegiance. This symbol is oft repeated on the left knee guard as well.


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