The 32nd Thetoid Eagles are an elite Tempestus Scions regiment of the Ordo Tempestus who are known for their secretive nature and fell reputation for viciousness and brutality in battle

Regimental History

32nd Thetoid Eagles

The colour scheme of the 32nd Thetoid Eagles

The regimental traditions of the 32nd Thetoid Eagles had always been secretive, and their ancient training world of Begentus was an isolated one. Even though, like other Militarum Tempestus regiments, they possessed a pedigree of exceptional combat skills, the Thetoid Eagles were infamous for their particularly vicious methods of warfare.

Indeed, Segmentum command grew increasingly skeptical about the regiment's ability to adhere strictly to their orders. Such wariness proved valid, for the 32nd Thetoid Eagles went missing shortly after the Xinon Wars.

Notable Campaigns

  • Scouring of the Xinon System (Unknown Date) - Throughout the Xinon System, the Scions of the Thetoid Eagles fought a sustained campaign against a series of cultist uprisings attributed to the Alpha Legion. Under skies blackened by volcanic ash, the Scions seared through rank upon rank of Cultists in order to secure the cities before the arrival of the 32nd Elysian Drop Troops. The rebellions became more systematic until lumbering war engines finally emerged from underground lava flows. One such behemoth eviscerated the regiment's command structure as well as the Commissar attached to them. Before long, the remaining Scions were without any orders whatsoever. After the arrival of tile Elysian 32nd, the Scions proceeded to destroy the successive uprisings across Xinon and bring about a temporary calm upon the volatile worlds. But after the ash had settled and Elysian commanders sought to debrief to their own commanders, the Thetoid Eagles had simply vanished from the system entirely.

Regimental Appearance

Regimental Colours

The Tempestus Scions of the 32nd Thetoid Eagles primarily wear black-coloured fatigues with halved-black and red pattern Carapace Armour and knee guards, and black coloured Slate Monitron, and Omnishield Helm.

Regimental Badge

The Warwing symbol of the 32nd Thetoid Eagles is commonly taken to represent their skill in airborne assaults. However, dark whispers abound that the symbol has some other, veiled meaning to the regiment's commanders. The truth of this matter, as well as the wider concerns regarding the regiment's recent record, have recently become the concern of alarmingly powerful Imperial bodies.


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