The 29th Zetic Typers are an elite Tempestus Scions regiment of the Ordo Tempestus that are known for their decapitation strikes and shock assault tactics.

Regimental History

Colour Scheme of the 29th Zetic Typers

The 29th Zetic Tygers have proven their iron resolve on numerous occasions, but never more so than on the space station of Valiant Mountain above Phellur III. After the Death Korps of Krieg interrupted a strange ritual aboard Valiant Mountain, a Warp rift opened at the centre of the superstructure, emptying thousands of Tzeentch 's minions into the star system. The Death Korps had proven too few to cope with the onslaught, and the 29th Zetic Tygers were despatched to make a sequence of strikes around the space station. By the time the Scions arrived, the Astra Militarum force had been all but destroyed.

Hordes of Daemons brought terror to the space station's hab-blocks and panic-filled corridors. The Scions drove their Taurox Primes along the outside of the structure, gunning down Pink Horrors and Flamers as they emerged from batches to face them. The Tygers' commanding officers had located a Lord of Change shimmering within the bowels of the space station, and the culmination of the battle on Valiant Mountain came when the Scions pierced the daemonic tide and confronted the Greater Daemon . It weaved a barrage of mutating magic and confusing visions to prevent the Scions from destroying it, but their iron will and exceptional tactics saw them purge the creature, closing the Warp rift.

Regimental Appearance

Regimental Colours

The Tempestus Scions of the 29th Zetic Typers primarily wear red-coloured fatigues with black-coloured Carapace Armour, knee guards, Slate Monitron, and Omnishield Helm.

Regimental Badge

The 29th Zetic Typers decorate their amrour with a distinctive Tyger's Eye icon. This striking design makes for a clear and easily identified signifier amid the madness of battle, but is further an intimidating design only one step removed from tribal warpaint.


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