The Space Marines of the Imperium

The 25th Founding of Space Marine Chapters, also known as the "Bastion Founding," occurred during the latter half of the 40th Millennium.

There are only four Chapters that are known to have been founded at this time -- the Emperor's Spears, the Fire Angels, the Omega Marines and the ill-fated Star Scorpions.

Select 25th Founding Chapters

  • Emperor's Spears - The Emperor's Spears is a Loyalist Successor Space Marine Chapter of the Ultramarines. The Chapter was created during the Bastion Founding and based on the world of Nemeton. It was one of three Chapters that once made up the Adeptus Vaelarii, better known as the Sentinels of the Veil who once stood watch over the backwater region of the galaxy called Elara's Veil
  • Fire Angels - The Fire Angels are a recently founded Chapter, though not the first body to bear that title and panoply. They hail from the world of Lorin Alpha and while they share the genetic heritage of the Ultramarines, the Fire Angels have no special links to the wider body of Ultramarines Successors.
  • Omega Marines - The Omega Marines are a Loyalist Codex Astartes-compliant Space Marine Chapter that was Founded during the 40th Millennium, and could be a possible Chapter of the 25th Founding.
  • Star Scorpions - The Star Scorpions of the world of Khamun-Sen had the dual misfortune of producing highly mutated gene-seed and being utterly devastated by daemonic entities when the Chapter's fleet became trapped in the Warp. They are now considered extinct, a lost Chapter of Astartes.


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