The 22nd Thetoid Gryphonnes are an elite Tempestus Scions regiment of the Militarum Tempestus who hail from the heavy-gravity world of Tallix. They have garnered a well-earned reputation for their lightning-swift assaults on the battlefield.

Regimental History

22nd Thetoid Gryphonnes

Colour Scheme of the 22nd Thetoid Grpyhonnes

Though all Militarum Tempestus warriors excel at fast trikes upon the battlefield, the 22nd Thetoid Gryphonnes are especially swift. Their Scions were all orphaned from Tallix, a world of higher gravity than is typical for the Rebandus Sub-sector.

As a result their leg muscles are more powerful and they are able to race on foot across all terrain with an impressive pace no matter how much equipment they carry. In the spirit of this, even the gravitational systems on their Taurox Primes have been altered so their vehicles sacrifice a degree of stability and durability for greater speed.

Notable Campaigns

  • Strike on Walbek II (Unknown Date.M41) - This Scions regiment's reputation for swiftness was epecially notable when the 22nd Thetoid Gryphonnes made a blistering strike against a Kult of Speed that besieged the Desert World of Walbek II. The greenskins' buggies and bikes had been tearing across the plains, slaughtering the local PDF troops before they could muster a proper defence. The Gryphonnes set off in pursuit of Warboss Spanik, the driving force behind the brutal Ork assaults. Their Taurox Primes outran the Ork bikes until eventually they caught up with Spanik's Battlewagon. Precision strikes disabled the vehicle's engines, and Tempestor Prime Thetius leapt through clouds of sand onto the Warboss' transport. Thetius executed the Warboss with rapid blasts of his hotshot weapon, thus putting an end to the Kult of Speed's ambitions on Walbek II. While the Orks closing in on the crippled Battlewagon howled their rage, the 22nd Thetoid Gryphonnes remounted their transports and outpaced the approaching greenskins' bikes as they made their escape.

Regimental Appearance

Regimental Colours

The Tempestus Scions of the 22nd Thetoid Gryphonnes primarily wear black coloured fatigues with black and red-coloured Carapace Armour, knee guards, Slate Monitron, and Omnishield Helm.

Regimental Badge

The Gryphonnes' wing is the regimental symbol of the 22nd Thetoid Gryphonnes, and is intended to represent the speed with which they strike at their foes. Sharp-edged and striking, this symbol stands out proud against the smoke and filth of even the most horrific battlefields.


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