The 22nd Founding

The 22nd Founding of Space Marine Chapters occurred during the 37th Millennium. There is only one Chapter known to have been Founded at this time -- the Iron Fists, created from the gene-stock of the Imperial Fists. They proudly maintain their stoic heritage as Sons of Dorn.

Select 22nd Founding Chapters

Successors of
Iron Fists Imperial Fists Rogal Dorn Taralus Formed in the 37th Millennium during the 22nd Founding, this Successor Chapter's Astartes are the genetic inheritors of the Imperial Fists Legion. This Chapter is also one of several tied to the genetic legacy of Rogal Dorn that competes in the contest known as the Feast of Blades. The Iron Fists follow many of the same Chapter traditions as the Imperial Fists, and support their Brother-Chapters when called upon for assistance.


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