Cadian Shock Trooper of the 122nd Cadian Regiment in uniform worn during the defence of Vogen in the Khai-Zan Uprising

The 122nd Cadian is a regiment of the Astra Militarum's Cadian Shock Troops. They distinguished themselves first in the 40th Millennium during the difficult fighting of the Winter Campaign on Vintock III and then also during the defence of the Imperial city of Vogen on the Agri-world of Khai-Zan in 968.M41 during the Khai-Zan Uprising.

Elements of the regiment under the command of Captain Fane faced the Chaos Space Marines of the Night Lords Traitor Legion, rebel Chaos Cultists and Renegade Planetary Defence Forces. At one point the regiment's troops were mis-deployed when the Night Lords Chaos Sorcerer Asuramandos used Warp sorcery to re-direct the Imperial defenders unexpectedly.

The 122nd Cadian's position was ultimately overrun in the ensuing battle as Fane and his entire company died in defence of an Adeptus Arbites Precinct House. The stranglehold of Chaos over the world was finally broken by the arrival of the Astartes of the Imperial Fists Chapter. Every Traitor present on the planet was ultimately wiped out.

Amongst the 122nd's regimental leaders at Vogen were veteran Sergeant Hessel and Captain Fane, who was killed in action when the regiment was overrun at Vogen.

During the defence of Vogen, the 122nd deployed at least one Leman Russ Executioner tank as the fourth tank of the 2nd Company's 2nd Squadron.


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