Inqsello Por orden de su Santísima Majestad, el Dios-Emperador de Terra. La Sagrada Inquisición declara este artículo En Construcción por Adeptus Hispanus. Si encuentra algún problema o falta de devoción por su parte, notifíquelo, un acólito del Ordo Hereticus estará encantado de investigarlo.
Bulldog El Sargento Guillermito, mascota de los Marines Espaciales, tiene el honor de patrocinar este espacio por orden del Capellán Cassius de los Ultramarines. ¡Pulsa sobre él y te acompañará a una Cruzada épica!

¡Lee más! ¡Sin piedad, sin remordimientos, sin miedo!

"There can be no peace for us while the enemies of the Emperor draw breath, no rest while xenos plague the stars and mankind cries out for protection against the darkness. Only when our guns are cold and the last drop of our blood is spent will our duty be done. Only in death is the price of honour paid."
Watch Commander Mordigael, Master of the Vigil, Fortress Erioch

Watch Commander Mordigael is a quick and decisive commander of men with a natural charisma bound to a terrifying skill in battle. A Blood Angel by origin, Mordigael is a paragon of the qualities and traditions of his Chapter. His features are sharp and handsome, as if cut from a pale stone statue of an Imperial saint, while his eyes burn with almost feverish intensity. He delights in the perfection of all his undertakings, from practice in the martial disciplines to the contemplation on the future implications of all things of note that bears on his sacred duty. For over five centuries, Mordigael has served his Emperor and his Chapter; on three occasions, he has taken up the duty of serving in the Deathwatch. One of these past terms of service was in the Jericho Reach itself. Mordigael’s current watch has lasted over five decades, and has seen him achieve the honour of being named Master of the Vigil a little more than a decade ago. During this time, Mordigael has seen things change within the Jericho Reach; the implications of the opening of the Warp Gate have affected everything. The launching of the Achilus Crusade concerns him greatly, as he sees the possibility of a greater disaster being created from a war prosecuted through ignorance and arrogance. He sees the encroaching threat of the Tyranids in much the same light, quite apart from the terrible danger they hold by themselves. On more than one occasion, the Master of the Vigil has had to remind Lord Militant Tetrarchus that the Deathwatch is not beholden to the needs of the Crusade.

Otras citas

  • He is a straight, bright sword against the darkness. Duty and obedience are his only vices; no hubris, no ego, only a tireless drive and heartfelt devotion toward the duties of the Long Vigil and the ruin of the xenos. –Watch Commander Mordigael on Titus Strome.


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