Bulldog El Sargento Guillermito, mascota de los Marines Espaciales, tiene el honor de patrocinar este espacio por orden del Capellán Cassius de los Ultramarines. ¡Pulsa sobre él y te acompañará a una Cruzada épica!

¡Lee más! ¡Sin piedad, sin remordimientos, sin miedo!

The reckless troublemakers from the Blood Claw packs are reassigned to the Skyclaw Assault Packs as their 'reward' for their stubbornness and naïvety and are given jump packs to aid their eagerness to charge strait into the line of battle. The experienced elders look down on the Skyclaws as dishonourable for fighting on foot was good enough for their Primarch and so it is good enough for them. This disapproval among the experienced Space Wolves only drives the Skyclaws to perform risky acts of valour and heroism, while many will surely perish in attempting to achieve such a feat to be worthy of the elders, some will inevitably succeed in accomplishing the impossible.

Skyclaw packs are very competitive and always try to out do the other in battle and in drinking competitions where some have been known to steal Thunderhawks and race towards the enemy commander, delivering his head to the Wolf Lord on a silver platter he would surely win against his rival packs. Skyclaws are rarely disciplined for their reckless behaviour and only in extreme circumstances will a Skyclaw be given a punishment to fit the crime.


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Codex: Lobos Espaciales (V Edición).

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