Khorne medio sin fondo

Cerberus el Rebañacráneos, mascota de los Poderes Ruinosos, patrocina este espacio para honrar a sus demoníacos señores. Pulsa sobre él y te introducirá en los misterios del Caos.

¡Sangre para el Dios de la Sangre! ¡Visitas para los artículos del Caos!

Lord Crull was a borderline psychopathic Chaos Warlord who led the Blood Legion of Khorne, a World Eaters warband on Lorn V. Crull and the Ork Warboss Gorgutz struck an uneasy alliance after Crull discovers that a fallen Imperator Class Titan is located on the planet, which he attempts to claim for his own personal gain. However after trying to double cross Gorgutz he was defeated and killed by the Warboss and his head mounted on his ‘pointy stick’.

Crull’s skull is later recovered by Eliphas in order for him to obtain Khorne's favor in ascending to demonhood.

He was rare amongst Khorne-worshipping warlords in that he sought the advice and skills of Sorcerers, despite having an immense distrust of them.


Extraído y traducido de Lexicanum.

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