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"Así como la fe gana las guerras, las guerras son alimentadas por la fe. Bienaventurados los que matan a los xenos, herejes y mutantes, pues ellos heredarán la galaxia."
Hermana Isha

Faith as a manifest power is an ability that only the most dedicated of the Emperor’s servants will ever see, let alone command. How and why it works, and just why certain individuals or groups of individuals display it is even less understood than the powers of the psyker or the gifts of the Navigator. In fact there is only a tiny fraction of the Imperium that know it exists. Even within the ranks of the Ecclesiarchy, most priests live their entire lives accepting faith without ever seeing such wondrous miracles as can be performed by those touched by the divine. If there were to be an exception it would be the Adepta Sororitas, the Brides of the Emperor, women blessed with a special connection to the divine and the light of the Master of Mankind. Within the ranks of this sisterhood, the Sororitas live lives of complete dedication to the God-Emperor, raised and guided by his teachings. Perhaps it is this total devotion or their special connection to the divine that grants them the gifts of Faith, or perhaps it is their role as the militant arm of the church and their duty to protect it from its foes. Whatever the reason, the Adepta Sororitas share a special bond with the God-Emperor and more than any other group within His domain can channel the power of Faith, perhaps proving their favour in His eyes.

However faith chooses its vessels, and however they can channel it to the Emperor’s bidding, one thing is for certain: faith cannot be forced, hunted, or captured, it must be found by a pure mind, a righteous heart and a complete devotion to the God-Emperor.

Tipos de poderes de la fe

There are three kinds of Faith reflecting different aspects of the God-Emperor and the different ways in which his servants interpret His Will. The three groups of Faith are:

  • El Signo del Emperador: Dedicated followers of the Imperial Creed reverie and worship the symbolism of the Emperor and the sacred marks and runes associated with Him. Throughout the Imperium the faithful greet each other with holy gestures such as the sign of the Aquila, or mark their homes with signs and wards, such as images of the Golden Throne, in order to repel evil. For those blessed with Pure Faith, however, these gestures, symbols, and signs are more than mere ritual and each one can become a potent focus for their single-minded devotion and bond with the God-Emperor. With these symbols a faithful disciple of the Emperor can repel warp spawn, shield himself or others from harm or even uncover a person’s true intent by bathing them in the unforgiving light of the Emperor.
  • La Misericordia del Emperador: It is taught that the Emperor can show mercy just as he may show wrath. For His avowed followers faith can mend wounds, heal minds and strengthen souls against the degradations and decay of the warp. Mercy is not always kind orgentle however, and those that beseech the Master of Mankind for clemency or respite may well find his ministrations bloody and final. The servants of the Ecclesiarchy accept this as their due and pass such mercies on to their flock as the just rewards of a lifetime’s service to the God-Emperor; a service that can only be fulfilled in death.
  • La Ira del Emperador: As all those who follow the Imperial Creed know, the Emperor is a vengeful god, quite likely to smite and not likely to forgive those who trespass against the faith. Those that stray from the teaching of the God-Emperor, or sin against his holy word are prone to find torment and destruction at the hands of his faithful. In fact it is part of the Cult of the Emperor that all those who swear allegiance to the Golden Throne suffer not the unbelievers, heretics, and sinners to live within his sight, seeking them out where they hide beneath the skin of the Imperium and cleansing them in burning flame. The Emperor’s wrath is ever plentiful and his servants every ready to vent it on his foes.

El Signo del Emperador

Burden of guilt

The God-Emperor suffers not the lies of his enemies and in His presence even the darkest of hearts will feel the weight of their falsehood heavy on their shoulders. With this the faithful projects the Emperor’s disdain for deceit so that all who look upon him or hear his voice will feel their own secrets gnawing at their conscience like a frenzied rat hungry for escape.

Holy radiance

To stand in the presence of a truly faithful disciple of the God-Emperor is to bath in their confi dence and conviction. With this the faithful emanates an aura of pure faith and devotion to the Emperor that others nearby can experience. This aura will banish fear and doubt as well as steeling hearts and minds against the evils of the warp, giving the followers of the Creed the strength to stand against the foulest of foes.

Blessed ignorance

Look not upon the daemon, the heretic or the unclean enemies of the Emperor; it is through your eyes the foes of purity will lay siege to your soul. This allows the faithful to blind himself or others to creatures and objects which would rend his mind or tarnish his soul. Unfortunately for the faithful, that which he cannot see can still tear his throat out...

Light of the Emperor

Open your mind, body, and soul to the light of the Emperor and let it wash away your fear; in His radiance you are protected and none can stand against your sword. This fills the mind of the faithful and his allies with a powerful calm, preventing even the most horrific of things from unsettling them and allowing them to fi ght the foes of the Emperor with detached brutality.

Spirit of the Martyr

It is through sacrifi ce and blood that we shall prove our devotion to the Emperor; we offer up our lives willingly in His service so that He may judge us worthy in His light. With this the faithful infuses himself and his allies with the spirit of the holy martyr, strengthening life and limb against hardship so that he might go on serving the Master of ankind where others fail.

Soul decay

The wicked and the corrupt will rot in the sight of the Emperor’s faithful, His divine light turning their dark hearts to acid in their chests and burning them with their sin. This turns a creature’s corruption inwards, wracking its body with pain and burning its fl esh as its evil is refl ected back upon it by the blessed presence of the Emperor’s chosen.

Spiritual Mirror

Fear is the currency of the alien, the heretic, and the mutant; through the strength of the God-Emperor and the will of the just, the faithful will repay such coin in kind. This allows the faithful to turn fear back upon his foes and break their minds as the minds of his fl ock may be broken, visiting upon them the darkest darkness from within their own twisted hearts.

Repel Daemon

Cast out the daemon, the unclean, and the spawn of the warp; from His holy graces you are delivered into the light and from the darkness of the pit your foes will return. This allows the faithful to force a creature of the warp, such as a daemon, to retreat and can, with a suitable strength of will, keep it at bay, powerless to approach the favoured servant of the God-Emperor.

Daemon Trap

Just as the sign of the Emperor is abhorrent to the daemon, so too are the marks of his faith; these sacred runes are the shackles of the just and the chains of the true, binding and fettering the warp spawn within a prison of the Materium. This allows the faithful to trap a daemon by blessing a specially constructed protective circle with potent symbols and the divine power of the God-Emperor.

Holy light

From His eyes the sight of clarity, from His mouth the words of truth and from His heart the light of the just which shines across the stars into the darkest corners of His domain. This summons a divine light from within the faithful which causes him to glow with a pearly white radiance, dispelling darkness and making him hard to look upon, especially by the corrupt or the servants of the warp.

Divine symbol

With His mark you are protected, with His sign you shield yourself against the dark and with His symbol you lock your soul against the evil of the warp. This allows the faithful to place a divine mark upon himself or one of his allies, protecting them from psychic attack, possession and other daemonic tampering.

Seal of Purity

And the enemies of the God-Emperor looked upon His seal and despaired, for in its shadow they were powerless and could only cower before His might. With this the faithful can inscribe a potent and sacred version of the Aquila upon the ground and bless it with the divine power of the God-Emperor himself so that his foes might recoil from its presence and be unable to cross its outstretched wings.

La Misericordia del Emperador


The child of the man holds within him the seed of the God-Emperor’s divinity, which may be nurtured and grown only through the power of true faith. With this the faithful imparts a fragment of his divine connection to the GodEmperor onto his allies, blessing them with a powerful Grace to shape their destiny and protect them from harm.

Martyr’s Gift

Only through pain and blood is the body made pure, its fragile fl esh made whole through the sacrifi ce of the faithful and the tears of the willing martyr. With this the faithful can heal the injured, knitting together bloody flesh and mending splintered bones. Such a great gift comes with a heavy price however, and for every cut or rend the faithful restores he will himself suffer a similar wound.

Divine endurance

In the service of the God-Emperor a man will endure as the Imperium has endured and he will stand unbowed and unbroken as has the Imperium of Mankind. With this the faithful imparts the ageless endurance of the Imperium, realm of the God-Emperor, into his allies, allowing them to press on even when their bodies grow tired or their limbs weary—motivated by visions of the glory of the Emperor’s domain which has lasted millennia.


The strong are bolstered by the word of the God-Emperor and the prayers of the faithful. With an open heart and a vengeful mind the songs of the just will lift him up and allow him to soar like a holy warrior striking fear into the souls of the unclean. With this the faithful may pray for one of his allies, granting them the strength and spirit to overcome their wounds, cast off their mortal shackles, and push on to the very edge of death itself.

Divine ministration

Blessed are the hands of the healer that they may restore the mangled limbs of the faithful and send them back into the fray. This allows the faithful to enhance his healing abilities and dispel the effects of fatigue upon his allies, restoring their vigour and allowing them to continue to bring death and ruin to the God-Emperor’s foes.

Miraculous recovery

Potent is the power of the God-Emperor that even the greatest of injuries and the most grievous of wounds are as nothing when bathed in his divine light. This allows the faithful to perform a miraculous healing and mend broken limbs, torn flesh, and missing ears. Only the faithful may benefit from this miracle however and they seldom survive completely intact.

Mental calm

Clear your mind of fear, madness and decay; in the service of the God-Emperor no man need carry humanity’s burden alone—we are the teeming masses of humanity and rightful masters of the galaxy. This allows the faithful to wash away recent horrors and reinforce a sense of purpose and might in his followers focusing their minds to the single task of service to the Emperor.

Spiritual cleansing

Your body is a temple to the God-Emperor, your blood and bones your sacrament, your soul a symbol of your faith; let none foul your temple lest your faith be likewise fouled. This allows the faithful to purge his soul of some of the taint of the warp, casting off a portion of its dark power before it has time to take root and begin a slow decay of spirit.


Free the mind from doubt, fear, and darkness! Look to the light of the God-Emperor and let his divine presence remind you of your purpose—you are the faithful of the Imperium and you cannot falter in the face of its foes. This allows the faithful to free his mind, or that of his allies from the grip of fear or the insidious powers of the psyker, restoring them to clarity and control.

No rest for the Faithful

Only in death does duty to the God-Emperor end, and only when faith is extinguished will you truly die. With this the faithful push themselves beyond the frailties of their mortal frames, shaking off wounds, casting aside injury and ignoring pain so that they may serve His will until the end. Such a divine drive has its price and once the faithful’s task is done his body may never recover.


And he rose anew, as if lifted from the grave by the hand of the God-Emperor, restored by divine providence and ready once again to face the foes of mankind. With this the faithful channels the power of his faith into a fallen comrade, filling their broken frame with life and purpose and tasking them once more with carrying on the Emperor’s holy crusade.

La Ira del Emperador

Wrath of the Righteous

May the God-Emperor guide my hand toward the foes that I might rend him with my righteous indignation, breaking his bones, spilling his blood and piercing his flesh with my faith. This ability focuses the faithful’s Emperor-born rage into his attacks, channelling His divine anger and wrath into each stroke of his blade as he fells the heretics and the unbelievers.

Hand of the Emperor

And lo, the hand of the God-Emperor came down upon the heretic, the mutant, and the alien, crushing them beneath its fury and revealing to them the folly of their ways. This ability charges the faithful with a potent strength, binding his frame in divine energies and strengthening bone and muscle so that he might better crush his foes with mighty blows and unforgiving brutality.

Divine Guidance

Let the Emperor guide my aim, let his eye be my eye as I fire my weapon at the foes of the Imperium so that my shots might strike true and send my enemies to their eternal rest. This ability guides the aim of the faithful so that they sense more than see when to fire at the enemy, their shots striking home over extreme distances or even in the pitch-dark, guided to their targets by the will of the God-Emperor and the power of their faith.

The Passion

Your love for the God-Emperor will know no bounds, his glory will fill your heart to bursting and you will run and scream with joy at the sound of His name; filled with his divine light you are a tireless soldier of the Imperium and a holy instrument of the faith. This ability infuses the faithful with a powerful passion and energy, allowing him and his allies to move in a frenzy of righteous speed so that they might better reach their foes and rend them to pieces.

Flames of Faith

Holy is the flame of the Emperor, that it might burn away the evil of his enemies and cast those spawned from the warp back into their places of freezing darkness and unending night. This Talent places a powerful blessing on the fires of the faith0ul making them burn more fiercely and making them especially deadly to daemons and creatures of the Inmaterium.

Righteous Frenzy

Never forget the righteousness of our cause, for to waver in our conviction to the God-Emperor is to invite his foes into our heart and infect us with their filth. With this Talent the faithful and his allies fill themselves with a divine madness and rage against their foes, flying into a righteous frenzy and striking out at the unbelievers and the heretics like a bottomless pit of anger. Prerequisites: Pure Faith, Wrath of the Righteous, The Passion Effect: By taking a Full Action, chanting and screaming prayers, the faithful and a number of allies up to his Fellowship Bonus that can both see him and hear his voice can enter into a frenzy. For the duration of the encounter the faithful and his allies are considered to be in a state of frenzy just as if they had the Frenzy Talent (see Dark Heresy page 116). This works in exactly the same way as the Talent with the exception that those under the ability’s effects will never attack each other regardless of the circumstances. In addition, if the faithful already has the Frenzy Talent, using this ability becomes easier and he may trigger it with a free action. This Talent can be combined with the Master Orator Talent to affect more allies. Burn: Such is the power of the Frenzy that the faithful and his allies gain strength from shedding the blood of their foes. Whenever they kill a foe in their frenzied state they immediately recover 1d5 lost Wounds. Only the character which deals the killing blow gains the benefit.

Might of the Emperor

Blessed are the faithful, for they have within them the power of the God-Emperor and are transformed by it into His divine vessel and tool of vengeance. This Talent allows the faithful to become a vessel for the Emperor’s power increasing his strength and stamina but at the same time overcoming him with a religious mania which can blind him to reason and make his words unintelligible to the ears of common men. Prerequisites: Pure Faith, Hand of the Emperor, The Passion Effect: With this ability the faithful fills himself with divine power and grows in physical power and might. He increases all his physical characteristics (Strength, Toughness and Agility) by +10 (with the corresponding +1 to their characteristic bonuses). However the power also fills the faithful’s mind with religious madness and visions of the God-Emperor’s glory, diminishing his ability to think and interact socially. This has the effect of reducing all his mental characteristics (Perception, Intelligence, and Fellowship) with the exception of Willpower by –10 (with the corresponding –1 to their characteristic bonuses). In addition he speaks in a mix of religious riddles and holy verse which can be difficult to understand (requiring a Hard (–30) Intelligence Test or a Challenging (+0) Common Lore (Imperial Creed) Test). The GM should encourage players to role-play this mania. Burn: The effects last for an entire game session rather than just a single encounter.

The Unforgiving Blade

Blessed are the blades that smite the daemon, the witch, and the psyker. With divine steel the children of the warp are cut deep, and their blood spilled as a sign of their betrayal of the purity of humanity. This ability allows the faithful to bless a blade to deal horrific damage to those who are either touched by the warp or call upon its powers as part of their cursed existence. Prerequisites: Pure Faith, Wrath of the Righteous Effect: With this Talent the faithful can place a potent blessing on a single melee weapon that already inflicts Rending Damage. The blessed weapon inflicts an extra 1d10 damage and gains 2 more points of penetration when used against daemons, psykers and creatures with 20 or more corruption points. In addition, blows from this weapon count as holy attacks when used against daemons. Such a weapon is difficult for the unclean to wield, and when grasped by a psyker or character with 20 or more corruption points it will burn, inflicting 1d5 Energy Damage each round he holds it which cannot be reduced by armour or Toughness. Burn: The faithful can bless a number of weapons equal to twice his Fellowship Bonus provided he can lay hands on each one (a Half Action per weapon).

Divine Touch

Even the lightest of touches by those blessed by the divine God-Emperor are as acid to the flesh of the corrupt, the pure light of the faithful’s soul burning into the vile darkness of the heretic’s mind and causing him to cry out in pain and despair. This Talent allows the faithful to bring terrible pain and crippling agony to those tainted by the warp, either diminishing their power (in the case of daemons) or causing them debilitating torment (in the case of psykers and others tainted by the warp). Prerequisites: Pure Faith, The Passion, Divine Guidance Effect: With this ability the faithful lays hands upon the corrupt and warp tainted causing them excruciating pain. This requires the faithful to touch the target (standard melee attack) on exposed skin (this may be a Called Shot –20 at the GM’s discretion). If the target is a psyker or has 20 or more corruption points they must make a Challenging (+0) Willpower Test. If they fail then the faithful rolls 1d5+2 and applies the effects of an Energy Critical to the location touch. Note however that no actual wounds are inflicted but Stunning and levels of Fatigue are applied. The ability can also be used on daemons forcing them to make an Instability Test (see Dark Heresy page 333) with a –30 penalty. Burn: The faithful may make Divine Touch attacks until the end of the encounter. In addition the faithful rolls 1d10+2 to determine the effects of the critical. If used on a daemon they suffer a -60 to their Instability Test rather than a –30.

Religious Hysteria

Together the faithful are unstoppable. We are the teeming billions of humanity, the God-Emperor’s faithful and his devoted servants. Our power lives on the lips of the devout and spreads like fire through the air on the strength of our words. This ability starts a chain of religious hysteria which spreads through the minds of citizens and can turn a crowd of sullen hab workers into a raging mob of religious zealots ready to tear the throats from the unrighteous. Prerequisites: Pure Faith, Righteous Frenzy Effect: This Talent allows the faithful to spread a religious rapture among Imperial citizen filling them with righteous zeal. For this to take root the faithful must be able to preach to a group of citizens for at least 10 minutes and have their attention for the duration of that time. After this, the faithful makes an Opposed Willpower Test with the crowd (which can be of any size provided they can see and hear him without the means of technology, i.e. in the flesh) to see if his message has taken root. If it does the crowd will become a mob and begin to spread the word of the Emperor. For the next 24 hours any person the mob comes into contact with must pass a Challenging (+0) Willpower Test or join the mob. The faithful can then direct the mob against his enemies (as long as they can reasonably also be the enemies of the Emperor), either in his initial sermon or by leading them. The mob, and all of its members, will benefit from the Hatred Talent (see Dark Heresy page 117) toward a single foe, described by the faithful in his sermon. This is not mind control and will not cause the members of the mob to needlessly endanger themselves or act wildly out of character, but it will awaken their natural devotion to the Imperium and hatred of the Emperor’s enemies. Burn: Those affected by Religious Hysteria will also gain the effects of Righteous Frenzy. This of course will probably reduce an entire area into chaos and madness as the population turns in upon itself in an orgy of cleansing violence.

Soul Storm

You are the centre of the God-Emperor’s might, you are his focus upon the world of men and through your will and your soul flows his burning light. This ability allows the faithful to unleash a fearsome soul storm in a flash of blinding light and burning flame, cleansing an area of the warp, its spawn, and those touched by its corrupting influence. Prerequisites: Pure Faith, Divine Touch, Flames of Faith Effect: This Talent grants the faithful the ability to conjure a Soul Storm, a blast of pure holy energy that bursts from his eyes and mouth to consume everything nearby tainted by the warp. Triggering the soul storm is a Full Action and will affect everything within a radius of 10 metres times the faithful’s Willpower Bonus. Psykers and anyone with corruption points in this area will immediately suffer 1d10 Energy damage not reduced by armour or Toughness. In addition Psykers must pass a Challenging (+0) Willpower Test or suffer an additional 1d10 damage (also not reduced by armour or Toughness) and lose access to their powers for the remainder of the encounter. Those with corruption points will also take an additional 1 point of damage for every corruption point they have (also not reduced by armour or Toughness) as their taint burns within their soul. Daemons caught in the area of effect will also suffer 1d10 Energy Damage (not reduced for armour or Toughness) and must pass a Challenging (+0) Willpower Test or lose access to their powers in the same way as psykers. Note however that very powerful daemons (those with a Willpower of 50 or more) are not affected by this power at all, though they may cringe from the Emperor’s light. Conjuring a Soul Storm is massively taxing to the faithful and will immediately inflict a number of levels of fatigue equal to his Toughness Bonus (effectively knocking him unconscious and causing him to collapse). Even when he comes to, the faithful may not conjure another Soul Storm for at least 24 hours. Burn: All damage inflicted by the Soul Storm is doubled.


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