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I think I may have asked this or something similar before but I can't remember.

We all no many warriors from the IOM defect and turn traitor and so forth but has anyone read it seen it the other way. And by that I mean like tau or eldar amongst others. I no they say suffer not the alien to live and so on but it would be kind of sense that if they would ally themselves with them then they might join them??.

What you think any one got anything on it or is it just to heritical ha ha
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Daily Article Update - Acolyte Hybrid

Good things come in threes!


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Acolyte Hybrid
Acolyte Hybrid Warhammer 40k
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World Eaters

So I’ve been making my army quit frankly I’m just gonna continue making my World Eaters 30k. So I’ve been thinking can I do a squad of 15 with mixture of Chainaxes and Chainswords or dis World Eaters solely use Chainaxes? Also on tabletop could I do a mixture or is it one or the other?
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New men

Currently working in the new tactical squad their primed and I've done the basic detail to 2 of them so far
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Rogue Trader Discord RP Part 2

Howdy y’all. Things are progressing very well on the RP and the group has decided to open up the discord server to the community. Anyone is free spectate and hangout with the group, and if things turn out good, potential other RP’s may be started with members and spectators of the discord. Anyway, here is a link to the discord if anyone wants to come and check it out

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Helping making a game

So I love 40/30k. My friends enjoy it but lately they’ve been wanting to play nothing but D&D which I’m not to thrilled about. But lately I’ve been thinking of trying to make something in between. I like (for this reason of similarities) blackstone fortress but I get the feeling it’s still not enough of an in between for them. So I’ve been thinking of maybe making a game that you control a small team like kill team, and quicker roll results like BSF but more adventure based like d&d. Any ideas on how to make the mechanicals of the game?
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Something I’ve been trying and kinda liking.

So something I’ve stumble on that I’ve been kinda liking is when I paint (using the dry brush method) I start with the base darker color, then I do the highlights, and then dry brush the main color. I find it helps blend the highlights in with the main color but leaves just enough to make an armor highlight in the light effect. Has anyone else tried or heard of this before?
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Favorite Imperial Robots

Since the Tau drones got ignored https://warhammer40k.fandom.com/d/p/3311266298855984527 , so let's talk about their Imperial Counterparts.


Imperial Robots
Imperial Robots Warhammer 40k
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You got mail! (Or i did)

When i saw the size different between valejos and gws i just threw some money on the screen. Voila! And thanks for the tip! Be kind to your wallet!
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Deimos Rhino

Wife’s Deimos rhino arrived. Now just need a piece from kromlech to convert into her Deimos command rhino.
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New abanddon model conversation

Even though I don't play black legion I'm excited for the new abanddon model as it seems to be the perfect base model to convert into a Truly bad ass captain for my iron warriors
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Base painting tutorials #2 & #3

I will be posting basing tutorials for desert and woodland today. Nearly finished now.
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Torrez The Black.

Deathwatch Blackshield. Still have to highlight. Feedback welcome!
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Something i thought was funny

The mechanium elite unit, the Dish Washer

Beware its drying capabilities!
(Found on Reddit)
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Inevitable Heresy

Even if Horus didn't turn traitor there still would have been a heresy Lorgar fell long before Horus so it stands to reason that lorgar would be able to convince at least 2 primarchs (Angron & Mortarion) of his cause but he would not be able to convince the other 4 primarchs (Fulgrim is doomed no matter what) He couldn't get Magnus because he doesn't have the authority to send the space wolves to prospero I'm not sure about Perturabo maybe he could convince him But since he doesn't have the authority of warmaster I think he could at least grab 3 legions plus his own.
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